Ge-tag deur Xanika en Meermin, Assupol Life

8 Things I am passionate about

1 My kinders

2 Rugby – Blou Bulle

3 Musiek

4 Rekenaars

5 Die hemel ruim

6 Liefde gee

7 My klein kinders

8 Toer


8 Things I want to do before I die

1 Alle lande toer

2 My “soulmate”ontmoet

3 Scuba diving

4 Ophou rook

5 Iemand in die hiernamaals ontmoet

6 Biljoener te word

7 Soos Mark Shuttleworth in die hemel ruim te gaan

8 My kinders se grootste wense te vervul

8 Things I often say

1 Fok

2 Wow

3 Nice

4 Flippen hel

5 Sweet

6 Dude


8 Books I have recently read

Lees net blogs op die oomblik


8 Songs I could listen to over and over again

1 Pampoen

2 Daar waar jy moet wees

3 Die bloubul

4 As jy my nou kon sien 

5 My diefie, my duifie

6 Waarmaker

7 Loves the light

8 Gimme tonite


8 Movies I have seen 8 times (or more)

1 Titanic

2 Nurce Betty

3 Hang up

4 The Rookie

5 Ghost

6 Night at the museum

7 Independence day

8 Lion king


People who should do this:


 Die ondergenoemde is vanaf die Blou Bulle se webwerf en ek paste dit hier om aan u te wys hoekom Assupol Life die Bulle borg:


Today Assupol Life is the insurer of first choice for thousands of people. Assupol Life is known for the care with which the company treats its policyholders and investments. The basis of Assupol Life’s success can be attributed to its loyal employees, directors and managers who strive to realize the company’s vision and thousands of satisfied clients who believe in our high quality products and service.

Assupol Life offers a comprehensive range of tailor-made insurance products to the discerning client. This is the result of changes that Assupol Life made when necessary and opportunities that were seized during the company’s existence.

Assupol Life is a company that keeps up with the latest trends and developments in Information Technology and has fully equipped offices nationwide as well as the expertise to offer quick and efficient service.

Assupol Life has been providing financial security and has created wealth for its policyholders for over 90 years. We have the knowledge and expertise to offer our clients specialized products and services designed to meet their individual needs, including funeral cover, life and disability cover, investments, school fund providers, retirement annuities and many more. We specialize in Group Schemes and can develop a unique product for your unique group or clients.

“Phenomenal” is how managing director, Mr Gert Wessels, described the growth of the Company over the past three years.

Assupol Life has recently launched its new logo, but endeavours to stay true to its nature and will continue to excel in the insurance industry, as its track record has proven over the years.

Assupol Life believes in grass root development and has therefore decided to sponsor the Amateur Blue Bulls. We believe that young players must be empowered and serve as the breeding ground for the senior teams. Assupol Life is committed to play a major role in grass root development , in line with our business strategy.

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Blog van die week, Elexoma

Hierdie week wys ek Meermin aan as my blog van die week. Ek hou veral van hierdie inskrywing op haar blog:

“Waarvoor gebruik jy jou tong? Om te proe? Om ander mense goed of sleg te sè? Om te bid?

Hoekom moet party mense hulle tonge gebruik om mekaar sleg te sè? Hoekom is daar mense wat met die tong slaan en seermaak?

Gebruik jy jou tong om te proe? Is die kos sout genoeg? Is die koffie soet genoeg?

Of gebruik jy jou tong om vir GOD te bid, om met HOM te praat? Goed te praat? Of sleg te praat?

Tong is nie iets mooi nie ek weet, maar met die tong kan jy net so seer maak as met ‘n vuishou, woorde wat gespreek is, dinge wat gesè is maak net so seer!

 Mag jy vandag jou tong gebruik om vir GOD dankie te sè vir hierdie wonderlike dag. Nooi JESUS in in jou hart, plaas ‘n wag voor jou mond!

Lekker dag vir ieder en elk van julle wat die tyd maak om my blog te lees.”

Kuier gerus daar:

Die ondergenoemde is vanaf die Blou Bulle se webwerf en ek paste dit hier om aan u te wys hoekom Elexoma die Bulle borg:

Elexoma gives Vodacom Bulls the edge

Mental fitness and peak performance have become synonymous with professional sport and coping with everyday life.

“It could mean the difference between winning and losing, coping or not,” says RedPlane CEO Raphaël Devantier. “Whether an elite sportsman, businessman or housewife, we are always looking for that edge to distinguish us from competitors or simply to make it through the day.”

No one will agree more than the Bulls, who snatched a famous last-gasp victory and the Super 14 title earlier this year. They found the difference in RedPlane’s Elexoma Medic therapeutic device, which they used to enhance mental focus and for the rehabilitation of injuries.

“We used the Elexoma Medic during formal team sessions with ease and absolutely no side-effects,” says Dr Tommie Smook of the Bulls.

“There is no doubt that it contributed to our success in fighting the physical and mental effects of jet lag. It also added value in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, pain and insomnia.”

RedPlane Switzerland and its South African subsidiary developed the Elexoma range of rehabilitation and wellness products in conjunction with UK-based Oxford Bioscience.

The Elexoma Medic treats physical and psychological conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, soft tissue injuries, depression, anxiety, insomnia and post-traumatic stress disorders.

The latest form of drug-free electro medicine, the Elexoma Medic enables the body to stimulate the natural recovery process. “The human body functions electrically and a controlled electric current can influence its ability to heal in the most profound way,” says Devantier.

“Every single physiological process in the body is mediated by electrical force. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) replication, movement of essential vitamins and minerals in and out of cells, muscle contraction and nervous system signals all require electric force.

“The Elexoma Medic is non-invasive, simple to use, safe and affordable, providing a sensible solution for doctors and patients in the fields of neurology, mental fitness and orthopaedics,” says Devantier.

Elexoma final

In a major coup for the group Prof Otto Müller, who was honoured by the South African Academy for Science & Arts for the second time recently, has been contracted to join the research team in South Africa.

RedPlane is also working closely with biokinetisist Havelin Hindley and medical doctor Brendan Venter to introduce biotechnology to the Castle High Performance programme.

This programme, a joint venture with SA Rugby, is aimed at developing a group of players that can represent South Africa without the prejudice of quotas. “We work closely with Springbok management to monitor and help improve the skills of players like Bryan Habana, Akona Ndugane, Heinie Adams, Hilton Lobberts and Chilliboy Ralepele, the first Bok captain of colour,” says Hindley.

“Mental fitness is becoming an ever-increasing part of the game, therefore I believe biotechnology has a huge role to play to help players focus and relax.”

For more information, phone 0861 778 877, send an e-mail to or visit

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Die volgende blog is baie impressed met vandag se inskrywing: – 

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Optical Illusion, Oasis Group Holdings

Hierdie optical illusion word escher tesselation tiles genoem.


Die ondergenoemde is vanaf die Blou Bulle se webwerf en ek paste dit hier om aan u uit te wys hoekom Oasis die Bulle borg

The Vodacom Bulls have concluded a historic sponsorship deal with Oasis Group Holdings, the first time a black-owned company has invested in the Bulls brand.

The two companies on Saturday announced an exciting partnership that is groundbreaking in South African rugby. Oasis Group Holdings, a Cape Town-based asset management firm, have joined forces with the Vodacom Bulls and Vodacom Blue Bulls as secondary sponsors for the next four years.

Blue Bulls Company CEO Stephan Pretorius expressed his delight at the recently concluded deal. “This is a watershed in the history of the Vodacom Blue Bulls and Vodacom Bulls. We are truly making history and it is a very exciting step for both ourselves and Oasis.”

Oasis Group Holdings are not new players on the rugby paddock, having inherited the naming rights of successful Cape club side Schotsche-Kloof Walmers at the beginning of 2005.

“The fact that Oasis have been involved in club rugby is a testament to their commitment to genuinely growing the game for all South Africans,” Pretorius continued. “It is also an indication how fluid South African rugby has become that a Cape-based company has sought a partnership with the Bulls. It is a welcome move and indicative of how provincialism is no longer a scourge of the modern game.”

Oasis Group Holdings CEO Adam Ebrahim spoke of his satisfaction at the conclusion of successful negotiations.

“The Blue Bulls and Bulls brands are unquestionably the premier rugby brands in this country, reflective of the outstanding administration and on-field success of the union. We are proud to have the Oasis brand on the famous blue jersey, as in many ways it represents all we stand for as a company,” Ebrahim enthused.

“Both on and off the field, the Vodacom Bulls and Vodacom Blue Bulls are an embodiment of the integrity, ambition and ultimately success that we as Oasis identify very strongly with. The deal is pioneering for South African rugby, and we are thrilled to be a party to it.”

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Het 68 e-mails gestuur om mense te waarsku oor OTM diefstal. Absa logo = 68 punte

Resolution Health

Die ondergenoemde is vanaf die Blou Bulle se webwerf en ek paste dit hier om aan u uit te wys hoekom hulle die Bulle borg:

The business relationship between the Blue Bulls and Resolution Health has already been in existence for more than three years. Resolution Health supports the medical team financially and has developed a capitation model for the players to ensure they are in a position to stay fit and healthy throughout the season.

The team physician, Dr. Tommie Smook says this gives them the opportunity to monitor the health and fitness throughout the season – without running out of medical scheme benefits halfway through the season.

“The fact that we had so little injuries during the last Currie Cup season and were thus in a position to choose any player for the team at any time, is due to the holistic approach that we are following by managing the total wellbeing of the players,” Smook said.

According to Smook the success of the business relationship between Resolution Health and the Blue Bulls is based on the shared qualities of leadership and passion.

This view is shared by the chairman of resolution Health, Jannie Kotzé. “The Blue Bulls are setting the pace in terms of preparation and conditioning of players, in other words they are breaking through the barriers of convention in the game.

We as Resolution Health Medical Scheme embrace innovation and change and implement these principles in the development of our products and services,” Kotzé said.

Visit the Resolution Health website

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Op een of ander manier het hierdie post op die link uitgekom:

10 punte daarvoor (Resolution Health word op The Health Shack geadverteer deur my toedoen, lekker)

Nuwe blog speletjie

Ek gaan vadag ‘n nuwe blog speletjie begin.

Die doel van hierdie speletjie is om die volgende organisasies te bevoordeel uit dankbaarheid vir hul bydrae:

SSSB – Steve Hofmeyr se spoegblog omdat, o so baie redes. Kortliks vir sy musiek talent. Ek sluit die adveteerders op die blog in omdat, saam maak ons ‘n span.

ABSA – Omdat hulle die Waarmaker toer vir Steve moontlik gemaak het en ons sodoende vermaak kan word met die konserte. Absa is natuurlik ook BBRU se borg.

BBRU – Die Blou Bul Rugby Unie en hul borge omdat die Bulle die eerste SA span is wat die Super14 gewen het.

Hoe werk die speletjie?

Baie eenvoudig: Ek adverteer en bring besigheid in vir die bogenoemde. As ek, byvoorbeeld iemand kan oorreed om sy selfoon kontrak na Vodacom oor te skakel dan tel sy gemiddelde maandelike verbruik vir my punte. Die voorbeeld van Vodacom geen my maandelikse punte en daar is ook maniere om eenmalige punte te bekom soos byvoorbeeld om positiewe kommentaar op Hellopeter te verskaf.


As 2 van dieselfde borge deelneem, mag ek byvoorbeeld nie ‘n kontrak vanaf die een na die ander oorskakel nie. Dis vanselfsprekend want dis teenstreidig.

Kan almal deelneem?

As jy jou eie blog het, natuurlike. Kompeteer met my sodat ons kan sien wie het die meeste punte.

Kan ek my eie span saamstel?

As daar enige ander talentvolle persoon soos Steve is met adverteerders, maak ‘n voortel en ek sal dit oorweeg. Die Super14 span moet ten minste een keer gewen het. So, die Stormers en Sharks ondersteuners sal maar moet wag.

Enige voorstelle is welkom om die speletjie meer interesant te maak. En ek soek ‘n gepaste naam – enige voorstelle?

Hier gaan ek: My eerste punte.

Ek het my seun ooreed om sy prepaid selfoon vanaf Cell C na Vodacom oor te skakel. Hy gebruik gemiddeld R200, so 200 punte vir my. Jammer Cell C, word deel van die span.  ‘n Vriendin van my verjaar more. Het Waarmaker vir haar gekoop, nog 100 punte.

Lekker, miskien sien die organisasies raak wat ek doen en gee my ‘n prys. Sal hulle later laat weet van hierdie speletjie.


Hansie Cronje

Naas Botha se dat Hansie Cronje nie by die “Hall of Fame” geplaas gaan word nie.

Ek het baie van Hansie Cronje gehou en dink hy was ‘n briljante krieket speler. Maar ongelukkig moet ek saam met Naas Botha stem. Hy hoort nie in die “Hall of Fame” nie omdat sy wedstryd knoeiery SA en krieket se aangesig baie skade gedoen het. En die Proteas het nooit die wereld beker onder sy kapteinskap gewen nie – hulle was en is nog steeds chokers.

Sekere mense se dat Naas nie ‘n voet het om op te staan nie aangesien hy ‘n buite egtelike kind het. Maar dit is persoonlik, Hansie se wedstryd knoeiery was nie persoonlik, dit was te doene met sy beroep as kaptein.

Wat dink jy? 

Super 14 speler van die naweek


Daniel Carter

Nee kyk, as daar nou iemand is wat kan rugby speel dan is dit die man! Tweede keer dat ek hom aanwys en hy verdien dit want sover het hy in elk wedstryd, behalwe een, ‘n drie gedruk. Hy skop fantasties en is die naweek as die man van die wedstryd aangewys.

Physical: 1.79m, 91kg

Born: 05/03/82, Leeston

Province: Canterbury

Provincial Caps: 21

Provincial Debut: 2002 v Marlborough

Super 14 Caps: 69

Super 14 Points: 850 (24t, 146c, 142p, 4dg)

Super 14 Debut: 2003 v Hurricanes

Test Caps: 44

Test Points: 676 (21t, 122c, 108p, 1 dg)

Test Debut: 2003 v Wales

The fifth most prolific point-scorer in Super rugby after six seasons as a Crusader, Daniel Carter entered the 2008 Super 14 just 229 points shy of becoming the first player to 1000 points. The Southbridge junior plundered a record 221 points in the victorious 2006 Crusade, and has maintained an average in excess of 13 points per match for the Crusaders, and 15 per game for his country. The 2005 IRB Player of the Year, Carter has already scored the most Test tries by an All Black first-five-eighth. He is also now the second most prolific point-scorer in New Zealand Test history, having surpassed Grant Fox’s tally of 645 in 2007.

Rook, blond

 Toe ek vanoggend rook toe sien ek die beeld. Ek dink dis nou tyd om op te hou.
n Blonde sekretaresse word ingeroep na die direkteure se kantoor, die twee manne vra haar om asseblief haar handtekening te sit op die dokument wat op die tafel le.
Sy stap nader, en plaas haar hand palm neer op die bladsy en trek n perfekte afskrif van haar hand op die bladsy.
Verbaas kyk die twee mans na mekaar, en sy staan op en verlaat die kantoor.
Die een direkteur se vir die ander een: “Ek is amper spyt ons het haar nie gevra om te parafeer nie”.

Blog van die week

Hierdie week is Sharks my blog van die week.

Sy blog al lank se tyd. Ek het haar leer ken op Steve se blog. Met verlede jaar se Super 14 het ek ‘n wetenskap met haar aangegaan: As die Sharks wen dan sal ek Pampoen by die Spoegblog se jaareinde funksie sing en as die Bulls wen moet sy dit sing. Sy het die wetenskap toe verloor maar het kop uit getrek. Ek is bly dat haar span die jaar ‘n gunsteling is.

Gaan besoek haar gerus:

Feite oor Steve Hofmeyr

PRETORIA BORN. Same day as Michael Jackson, but 4 years later, 29 Augustus. Virgo’s.

MATRICULATED GREY COLLEGE in ‘82, Army and Border duty for 2 years and 2.5 years at Pta Tech Drama School.

He is undoubtedly one of the hardest working and creative artists in South Africa. When he’s not singing, he’s acting (plenty stage productions SUMMER HOLIDAY, JOSEPH… and DIE SOEN, 3 Movies as lead (KAMPUS, AGTER ELKE MAN and NO HERO and 3 tv soapies: GUILLAM WOUDBERG, AGTER ELKE MAN and EGOLI) and when the actor’s taking a break then the writer takes over, composing songs (13 original cd’s, 150 of his songs are being performed locally and internationally) and writing poetry (3 anthologies, one published: VALKUNS). “But I’m not a great poet. They’re pretty much economic songs or lazy thoughts condensed!”

Steve singles out hi-lites as acting opposite JOAN COLLINS, SUN CITY SUPERBOWL sell-out months in advance, and his international performances and recordings (L.A. & Belgium).

Steve is currently touring his Waarmaker cd.

Favourite foods: meat, since his wife is a vegetarian! Nothing beats pizza and wine.

Favourite time of year: January, when he goes on holiday and it’s summer in Africa!

Favourite destination: Amsterdam & Brussels & New York

The best object he’s ever brought back from overseas: Eddie Murphy Live video, E.M Cioran books, Wittgenstein philosophy, global tolerance.

Favourite part of his job: Travelling, Composing. “If I could end up as a songwriter and not sing or act I’d be very happy.” People.

Favourite pastime: Movies, reading, poetry.

The easiest song he’s ever worked on: “Laaste Lag” – On his debut album Desertbound. He wrote it with his left hand while driving his car en route to a gig.

Ultimate ambition: To see his children grow up. Writing screenplays.