Steve Hofmeyr

Niel Diamond

Shine 4



Night At The Museum

What Dreams May Come

Sport helde:

Francois Pienaar

Frik du Preez

Lance Klusner



4 Responses

  1. Daddy You are my LEGEND!I love you with all I am,thank you for being who you are!!!

    Oupa, I Luff Wu Vewy Much
    Luff Owen

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  3. would like to know more about the Minter family who is mentioned in this story. thanks

  4. Hi Sharon

    The Minter family, in The Feast of the Uninvited, is the family that worked on the farm of the family who played the main role in the tv show. They were very poor and, in those days, were looked down onto because of there low standards.

    I hope that this tv show will be broadcasted again.

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