Ge-tag deur Xanika en Meermin, Assupol Life

8 Things I am passionate about

1 My kinders

2 Rugby – Blou Bulle

3 Musiek

4 Rekenaars

5 Die hemel ruim

6 Liefde gee

7 My klein kinders

8 Toer


8 Things I want to do before I die

1 Alle lande toer

2 My “soulmate”ontmoet

3 Scuba diving

4 Ophou rook

5 Iemand in die hiernamaals ontmoet

6 Biljoener te word

7 Soos Mark Shuttleworth in die hemel ruim te gaan

8 My kinders se grootste wense te vervul

8 Things I often say

1 Fok

2 Wow

3 Nice

4 Flippen hel

5 Sweet

6 Dude


8 Books I have recently read

Lees net blogs op die oomblik


8 Songs I could listen to over and over again

1 Pampoen

2 Daar waar jy moet wees

3 Die bloubul

4 As jy my nou kon sien 

5 My diefie, my duifie

6 Waarmaker

7 Loves the light

8 Gimme tonite


8 Movies I have seen 8 times (or more)

1 Titanic

2 Nurce Betty

3 Hang up

4 The Rookie

5 Ghost

6 Night at the museum

7 Independence day

8 Lion king


People who should do this:


 Die ondergenoemde is vanaf die Blou Bulle se webwerf en ek paste dit hier om aan u te wys hoekom Assupol Life die Bulle borg:


Today Assupol Life is the insurer of first choice for thousands of people. Assupol Life is known for the care with which the company treats its policyholders and investments. The basis of Assupol Life’s success can be attributed to its loyal employees, directors and managers who strive to realize the company’s vision and thousands of satisfied clients who believe in our high quality products and service.

Assupol Life offers a comprehensive range of tailor-made insurance products to the discerning client. This is the result of changes that Assupol Life made when necessary and opportunities that were seized during the company’s existence.

Assupol Life is a company that keeps up with the latest trends and developments in Information Technology and has fully equipped offices nationwide as well as the expertise to offer quick and efficient service.

Assupol Life has been providing financial security and has created wealth for its policyholders for over 90 years. We have the knowledge and expertise to offer our clients specialized products and services designed to meet their individual needs, including funeral cover, life and disability cover, investments, school fund providers, retirement annuities and many more. We specialize in Group Schemes and can develop a unique product for your unique group or clients.

“Phenomenal” is how managing director, Mr Gert Wessels, described the growth of the Company over the past three years.

Assupol Life has recently launched its new logo, but endeavours to stay true to its nature and will continue to excel in the insurance industry, as its track record has proven over the years.

Assupol Life believes in grass root development and has therefore decided to sponsor the Amateur Blue Bulls. We believe that young players must be empowered and serve as the breeding ground for the senior teams. Assupol Life is committed to play a major role in grass root development , in line with our business strategy.

Punte = 100