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Die ondergenoemde is vanaf die Blou Bulle se webwerf en ek paste dit hier om aan u uit te wys hoekom hulle die Bulle borg:

The business relationship between the Blue Bulls and Resolution Health has already been in existence for more than three years. Resolution Health supports the medical team financially and has developed a capitation model for the players to ensure they are in a position to stay fit and healthy throughout the season.

The team physician, Dr. Tommie Smook says this gives them the opportunity to monitor the health and fitness throughout the season – without running out of medical scheme benefits halfway through the season.

“The fact that we had so little injuries during the last Currie Cup season and were thus in a position to choose any player for the team at any time, is due to the holistic approach that we are following by managing the total wellbeing of the players,” Smook said.

According to Smook the success of the business relationship between Resolution Health and the Blue Bulls is based on the shared qualities of leadership and passion.

This view is shared by the chairman of resolution Health, Jannie Kotzé. “The Blue Bulls are setting the pace in terms of preparation and conditioning of players, in other words they are breaking through the barriers of convention in the game.

We as Resolution Health Medical Scheme embrace innovation and change and implement these principles in the development of our products and services,” Kotzé said.

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