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Hierdie week wys ek Meermin aan as my blog van die week. Ek hou veral van hierdie inskrywing op haar blog:

“Waarvoor gebruik jy jou tong? Om te proe? Om ander mense goed of sleg te sè? Om te bid?

Hoekom moet party mense hulle tonge gebruik om mekaar sleg te sè? Hoekom is daar mense wat met die tong slaan en seermaak?

Gebruik jy jou tong om te proe? Is die kos sout genoeg? Is die koffie soet genoeg?

Of gebruik jy jou tong om vir GOD te bid, om met HOM te praat? Goed te praat? Of sleg te praat?

Tong is nie iets mooi nie ek weet, maar met die tong kan jy net so seer maak as met ‘n vuishou, woorde wat gespreek is, dinge wat gesè is maak net so seer!

 Mag jy vandag jou tong gebruik om vir GOD dankie te sè vir hierdie wonderlike dag. Nooi JESUS in in jou hart, plaas ‘n wag voor jou mond!

Lekker dag vir ieder en elk van julle wat die tyd maak om my blog te lees.”

Kuier gerus daar:

Die ondergenoemde is vanaf die Blou Bulle se webwerf en ek paste dit hier om aan u te wys hoekom Elexoma die Bulle borg:

Elexoma gives Vodacom Bulls the edge

Mental fitness and peak performance have become synonymous with professional sport and coping with everyday life.

“It could mean the difference between winning and losing, coping or not,” says RedPlane CEO Raphaël Devantier. “Whether an elite sportsman, businessman or housewife, we are always looking for that edge to distinguish us from competitors or simply to make it through the day.”

No one will agree more than the Bulls, who snatched a famous last-gasp victory and the Super 14 title earlier this year. They found the difference in RedPlane’s Elexoma Medic therapeutic device, which they used to enhance mental focus and for the rehabilitation of injuries.

“We used the Elexoma Medic during formal team sessions with ease and absolutely no side-effects,” says Dr Tommie Smook of the Bulls.

“There is no doubt that it contributed to our success in fighting the physical and mental effects of jet lag. It also added value in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, pain and insomnia.”

RedPlane Switzerland and its South African subsidiary developed the Elexoma range of rehabilitation and wellness products in conjunction with UK-based Oxford Bioscience.

The Elexoma Medic treats physical and psychological conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, soft tissue injuries, depression, anxiety, insomnia and post-traumatic stress disorders.

The latest form of drug-free electro medicine, the Elexoma Medic enables the body to stimulate the natural recovery process. “The human body functions electrically and a controlled electric current can influence its ability to heal in the most profound way,” says Devantier.

“Every single physiological process in the body is mediated by electrical force. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) replication, movement of essential vitamins and minerals in and out of cells, muscle contraction and nervous system signals all require electric force.

“The Elexoma Medic is non-invasive, simple to use, safe and affordable, providing a sensible solution for doctors and patients in the fields of neurology, mental fitness and orthopaedics,” says Devantier.

Elexoma final

In a major coup for the group Prof Otto Müller, who was honoured by the South African Academy for Science & Arts for the second time recently, has been contracted to join the research team in South Africa.

RedPlane is also working closely with biokinetisist Havelin Hindley and medical doctor Brendan Venter to introduce biotechnology to the Castle High Performance programme.

This programme, a joint venture with SA Rugby, is aimed at developing a group of players that can represent South Africa without the prejudice of quotas. “We work closely with Springbok management to monitor and help improve the skills of players like Bryan Habana, Akona Ndugane, Heinie Adams, Hilton Lobberts and Chilliboy Ralepele, the first Bok captain of colour,” says Hindley.

“Mental fitness is becoming an ever-increasing part of the game, therefore I believe biotechnology has a huge role to play to help players focus and relax.”

For more information, phone 0861 778 877, send an e-mail to or visit

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