Optical Illusion, Oasis Group Holdings

Hierdie optical illusion word escher tesselation tiles genoem.


Die ondergenoemde is vanaf die Blou Bulle se webwerf en ek paste dit hier om aan u uit te wys hoekom Oasis die Bulle borg

The Vodacom Bulls have concluded a historic sponsorship deal with Oasis Group Holdings, the first time a black-owned company has invested in the Bulls brand.

The two companies on Saturday announced an exciting partnership that is groundbreaking in South African rugby. Oasis Group Holdings, a Cape Town-based asset management firm, have joined forces with the Vodacom Bulls and Vodacom Blue Bulls as secondary sponsors for the next four years.

Blue Bulls Company CEO Stephan Pretorius expressed his delight at the recently concluded deal. “This is a watershed in the history of the Vodacom Blue Bulls and Vodacom Bulls. We are truly making history and it is a very exciting step for both ourselves and Oasis.”

Oasis Group Holdings are not new players on the rugby paddock, having inherited the naming rights of successful Cape club side Schotsche-Kloof Walmers at the beginning of 2005.

“The fact that Oasis have been involved in club rugby is a testament to their commitment to genuinely growing the game for all South Africans,” Pretorius continued. “It is also an indication how fluid South African rugby has become that a Cape-based company has sought a partnership with the Bulls. It is a welcome move and indicative of how provincialism is no longer a scourge of the modern game.”

Oasis Group Holdings CEO Adam Ebrahim spoke of his satisfaction at the conclusion of successful negotiations.

“The Blue Bulls and Bulls brands are unquestionably the premier rugby brands in this country, reflective of the outstanding administration and on-field success of the union. We are proud to have the Oasis brand on the famous blue jersey, as in many ways it represents all we stand for as a company,” Ebrahim enthused.

“Both on and off the field, the Vodacom Bulls and Vodacom Blue Bulls are an embodiment of the integrity, ambition and ultimately success that we as Oasis identify very strongly with. The deal is pioneering for South African rugby, and we are thrilled to be a party to it.”

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Blog van die week

Ek het verlede week vir Die Gestorwe Soldaat belowe dat ek hierdie week sy blog as my blog van die week sal aanwys. Beloftes maak skuld en hier is dit, my blog van die week: http://diegestorwesoldaat.wordpress.com/

Ek is een van Steve se grootste ondersteuners en Die Gestorwe Soldaat het hom aangevat op vandag se inskrywing. Dit pla my nie want wat vir my saak maak is dat Steve nog steeds verennig is met sy familie. En ‘n voorbeeld vir almal om op hul huwelik te werk en nie die maklike weg kies van skei nie.

Die Gestorwe Soldaat se OOB fotos is indrukwekkend en is ‘n digter van formaat. Kuier gerus daar.

My English blog of the week:

Interesting blog with optical illusions.


Comment from Enigmatico. Thanks, that’s why I love blogging: 

Hello , thanks for the award of the week!!

I´m Spanish (my native language is spanish also) and I can not understand most of yor blog , but look interesting.

I think it´s my first I see a South African blog.

Optical Illusion 2

Probeer om die swart kolle te tel: (Try to count the number of black dots:)


In future I am also going to blog in English to get oversease people’s opinion of South Africa. So, please feel welcome to leave a comment.

Optical Illusion


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